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Intel SSD 665p is coming soon with higher performance and better performance.

Veröffentlicht :31.12.2019 01:28:19

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According to foreign media reports, Intel SSD 665p has been officially launched, as the next generation of Intel SSD 660p products, Intel said the product in the test showed very good performance.

As the successor of 660p, Intel SSD 665p has not changed much in terms of design, most notably from the 64-tier 3D QLC NAND to the newer 96-tier 3D QLC NAND.And it no longer offers 512GB versions, only 1TB and 2TB versions.

In terms of main performance, the maximum continuous read/write speed is 1800MB\s, and the maximum 4K random read speed is 250K IOPS.In terms of specification parameters, the main control of the new Intel SSD 665p is the same as the 660p is the hui rong SM2263, the flash memory particle is 96 layers of 3D QLC NAND, with DRAM and SLC cache, the maximum cache of 1TB is 140GB, and the maximum of 2TB is 280GB.

The improved 96-tier 3D QLC NAND and DRAM and SLC caches give Intel SSD 665p a 13% performance improvement over the 660p and a 50% increase in durability.

Many people may not be clear what is QLC, QLC is tiered storage, in four NAND unit with TLC (3 units) and MLC (bipolar cell), SLC (unipolar units) compared with the characteristics of higher density, more cheap, but the service life of the downside is that it is not high, because the capacity is larger and the price cheap, so more suitable as a substitute for mechanical drive, used as the high speed data warehouse.

The Intel SSD 665p 1TB version is expected to be released later this year, while the 2TB version will not be available until the first quarter of next year. The speed of Intel SSD 665p is not significantly improved compared with the previous generation. However, the durability has been greatly improved. If there is a need for data storage, this is still a good choice.