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Nuvotem Talema

Established in 1975,Nuvotem Talema has grown rapidly as a manufacturer of leading-edge toroidal transformers. Today its workforce numbers more than 500, and they are proud of their strong technical engineering expertise. Marketing, sales and after-sales services are handled by the Irish headquarters as well as Nuvotem Talema branch offices across East, West and Central Europe, Scandinavia, and Australia, and the Far East. The United States business is handled by their Industry Partner Amveco. Approximately 15% of Nuvotem Talema staff is assigned to these services. Over the years, Nuvotem Talema has succeeded in designing, producing and delivering to its customers in excess of 35 million Transformers. Their recent incorporation of DSL technology into their product portfolio has broadenedmarket offering to an even higher level. They are committed to maintaining and improving quality standards, and in recognition of this, Nuvotem Talema Headquarters and Manufacturing locations hold the ISO-9000 certificate among it's other prized accreditations and approvals. For the last 25 years they have been delivering to OEM entities all over Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and various Middle Eastern and African countries. In each of these markets, Nuvotem Talema has won the approval of the national electrical / electronic authorities. Their reputation in their home continent, as in their foreign ones, rests on excellent product design, a competitive cost/performance ratio and a highly efficient distribution network. Nuvotem Talema's 40-plus dealers are positioned throughout the globe, ensuring a level of after-sales service guaranteed to satisfy their customers. As they look to the future, Nuvotem Talema's goals will remain what they have always been: to expand their product range, focus on developing new markets and increasecustomers' satisfaction.


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