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Chipone North: Starting from July 1st, the price of LED driver products will be increased.

  • Veröffentlicht:2021-07-01 10:49:33
  • Komme aus:CMS
  • Klicken Sie auf Zählen:369

The problem of chip shortages and price increases continues, especially for LED driver chips, MCUs, power semiconductors, and power management ICs. Following the previous announcement by several chip manufacturers to increase chip prices since July 1, recently, the domestic display driver chip manufacturer Chipone North also announced an increase in the price of LED driver products from July 1.

According to the "product contact letter" exposed on the Internet, Chipone North stated that due to the frequent increase in upstream wafer and packaging and testing prices, in order to ensure production capacity and supply, starting from July 1st, all LED display driver products will include tax The price is increased on the basis of the current price.


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